Top 5 most popular paintings to buy


Blank walls are synonyms to dullness.

Flat walls eager to feel home is something that triggers the need to rejuvenate!

Yes, you need to buy some art!

But still, the question is-

“What Should I buy?”

“Which Painting will add personality and charm to my adobe?”

Well, here’s the food for your curiosity.  The blog discusses the 5 most popular paintings to buy. If you are looking forward to buying one- This can help.

Top 5 most popular paintings to buy online

  1. Tree of life

The tree of life is a Persian concept representing beauty, personality, and prosperity. It is the most popular painting that reveals the walls of art connoisseurs. Furthermore, it reveals that just as the branches of trees grow upward in the sky, we too grow stronger by striving and gaining knowledge, wisdom, and experiences.

A Tree of life painting symbolizing life.
Tree of life

Furthermore, the Tree of life is considered auspicious and is a symbol of togetherness and happiness.

It is a connection between heaven and the underworld connecting all forms of individuals from the world and cosmic space; the most popular paintings to buy.

Not to mention, animals and the environment in a single frame depict the aesthetic beauty of nature. No wonder why, this painting is on the top of “Most popular paintings to buy online”.

  • The rays of Sun

The painting of running horses is significant for success, peace, progress according to Vaastu Shastra. A seven Horse painting with rising sun ensures success on the personal and professional front and brings financial stability in life

.Moreover, to derive positive implications, the painting should align well with Vaastu principles in terms of size, medium of print, and direction.

Thus, while buying “the rays of the sun” make sure to check these points; Most popular paintings to buy online:

In this painting, the rays of the sun ,symbolize success, peace, and progress.
rays of the sun
  • The horses in the painting should carry expression of joy not anger.
  • Avoid hanging a painting that has distorted horse images, it can affect the overall vibe of the room.
  • Beware of purchasing it from untrusted resources; check for authenticity.
  • Meditating Buddha
Meditating Buddha painting symbolizing enlightenment and peace.
meditating buddha

We all are familiar with the fact that Lord Buddha is considered a preacher of enlightenment. According to Hindu tradition, Lord Buddha used meditation as a means for enlightenment.

 Over the years, Buddhism has evolved as a technique like liveliness, visualization, and mindfulness.

The hand gestures of Buddha represent teaching, enlightenment, and wisdom; the most popular paintings to buy. The painting symbolizes debunking the earthy desires and achieves NIRVANA.

Additionally, the meditating statue is for the ones who wish to improve their concentration and ensure peace in life. In this pose, Lord Buddha is represented with both hands in lap, face-up, and crossed legs.

 As an epitome of concentration, the eyes of Lord Buddha are either halfway closed or closed nearly halfway. Popular paintings to buy online share uniqueness about them that adds a layer of mystery and ensures peace.

  • Raas Concept painting
This is a RAAS concept painting depicting the confluence of human and spirit.
Rass concept painting

According to Swami Vivekananda “Raas painting is an external expression of divine Leela which takes place in the heart of every individual. It is a beautiful depiction of the world that exists between the finite and the universal soul.”

Additionally, the painting reveals a spiritual phenomenon where each “Gopi” transcends the thin line between devotion and love to achieve spirituality (Shri Krishna).

It depicts an embodiment and confluence of “Jeev” (human) and “Atma” (Spirit).  In the light of this, the height of devotion and pleasure in a single frame seems to rejuvenates the senses.

  • Gitopadesha
In Gitopdesh the 5 white horses symbolize the 5 sense organs of perception and self-control held together by Lord Krishna, the intellect.
Gitopadesha painting

Gitopadesha depicts a divine chariot drawn by 5 white horses with a battlefield as the background. Two parties in battle are Pandavas and Kauravas. The chariot is driven by Lord Krishna. Furthermore, on the top of the chariot, the flag symbolizes Hanuman.

With a loving assurance of his support represented by the right hand in “abhaya” (fearless) mudra, Lord Krishna is smilingly advising His disciple Arjuna.

In Gitopdesh the 5 white horses symbolize 5 sense organs of perception and self-control held together by Lord Krishna, the intellect. 

The Hanuman Flag represents the grace of the guru on the spiritual student. 

Krishna advises Arjuna on “Higher ways of leading life.”  Yes, it is the best paintings to buy and thus can add gradience of spirituality and peace to your place.

These are the top 5 most popular paintings to buy online for your home or workplace. If you have any further queries, you can contact us.