Dr. Sneh Gangal‘s COVID-19 creation received recognition in Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) International Competition

COVID-19 painting

The inspiration behind the painting: Mahabharata

 The artists are filled with the vigor and the intellect to represent the world beyond pictures. Some Folk artists like Dr. Sneh Gangal got out of their cocoon to interpret the COVID-19 situation in their culture and tradition; Sneh Gangal Covid-19 painting. Dr. Sneh Gangal is one of the artists to have been recognized for her work.

Her painting on Coronavirus is inspired by mythology, where Lord Krishna emerged as the restorer of the world devastated by a coronavirus.

Furthermore, Lord Krishna is regarded as the savior of humanity and the human world and has granted many demons the destiny they deserve.  

Sneh Gangal Covid-19 painting: A reflection of the past and present world

The painting by Sneh Gangal sends across the same message with Corona being the demon and Lord Krishna as the “restorer of the world”, or the only “hope”.

Art is something that reflects upon the events of the past as well as sheds light on the present. It is the best way of representing the good as well as the struggling phase in history.

 To quote (Hindu article) Jagdip Jagpal, Fair Director, Indian Art Fair, on the coronavirus theme, 

 “Taken in conjunction with other historical documentation, [such works] serve as a visual record of a particular point of view, in the same way, that literature, music, and theatre reveal the human condition during trying times”.

The wave of creative creations extended from Madhubani to Miniature paintings and decorated the international competition ICCR.

Depiction of a world in distress and Shri Krishna as redeemer

Dr. Sneh Gangal, a national awardee mix media artist, represents the spirit and a ray of hope through her COVID-19 Painting.

Her creation is the perfect depiction of the Covid-19 situation with Lord Krishna being the savior from demon, coronavirus, and the human confined to their houses keep themselves occupied in creative initiatives. As a matter of fact, the painting is now a part of the New York Museum.

The atmosphere of hope and misery depicted in the painting resonates very much with the current world scenario.

Similarly, the air of frustration, “libido”, (identity crisis), and natives engaged in philanthropic activities suggests a clear divergence from the tension and battling the cause in unity.